From Dramatic Discoballs to Supernature and Personality Filled Birds

My work reflects my relationship with the natural world and the emotions it inspires.
I’m a nature junkie, you’ll find me staring at a rain drop on a leaf.
I’m also a massive lover of music, going out dancing and having a wild time, caught up in the moment, under the glitter of the mirror ball.
I love to turn my passion into art and art-led design with an eye to create interior items that bring joy to my customers.


Disco balls forever!    I’ve always been beguiled by the glinting allure... 

  • Give Me The Night

    "I never get tired of looking at this gorgeous disco ball art, it reminds me of all those great times I've had out, dancing with friends"

  • Art Tea Towel

    Funky, collectable, fresh and functional, every year I bring out a few new designs with the holiday season in mind. Ltd Ed.

  • Commission an Artwork

    I'm open for commissions, it's a fabulous way to get exactly what you want for your business or home.