Collection: Love Hearts Love

Yes it’s true, I have a thing for hearts too, such a beautiful motif for love, globally recognised no need for language, unifying and uplifting, the beat in our chest, the rhythm of the drum.

Love for friends, love for family, love for the ones we’ve lost, love for the one , love for the many , love is love, love for equality, love over hate, love to hold, love to be held, self love and lonesome love, love is the key, love ‘ joy and pain, Sunshine and rain’ ‘ I feel love’ ‘to be in love with you is everything’ ‘love's in need of love today’ ‘love is the drug’…….Those songs about love!

I could write volumes, love inspires, love breaks your heart, love mends it again. Love is an energy made of sunshine in the heart and mind, it’s a rainbow after a storm, it’s a smile and a wink, it’s got the Ooomph ❤️⚡️💎⚡️💎❤️

Choose from original Heart art or message me for a commision.