About Me

My work reflects my relationship with the natural world and the emotions it inspires, I’m a nature junkie, you’ll find me staring at a rain drop on a leaf.

I’m also a massive lover of music, going out dancing and having a wild time, caught up in the moment, under the glitter of the mirror ball. I’m interested in detail and embellishment, order and chaos.  I look at my subject matter and think about how many different ways it can be represented.  

Representation itself fascinates me.  You can approach one subject matter through a prism of ideas. I’m obsessed with the artistic brain, what makes it tick and love the doors that are being opened through current neuroscience research. If I’m painting a blackbird, I’m thinking about his song, the way it makes me feel and the frenetic energy and interaction that can be seen by observing another species, that inhabits our shared world.

I’m a big lover of colour always looking for balance and harmony, but pulling in the odd discordant note to tie in the composition.  I love bright, edgy, florals and fuse them with elements from different eras. Life is full of contradictions, but for me, love, equality and kindness are the keys to live by.