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Sarah Thornton Art

Feisty Fairy Wren

Feisty Fairy Wren

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Sometimes the smallest birds have the largest voices, this is very true of the wren,  it's tiny little form darting through a hedge , finding a flight path through the thick bramble and then settling for thirty seconds on a honeysuckle  to sing a song that is honey to the ears.

This little character is an Australian relative of our British Wren and sports a bit of funky colour. The original painting was only little and possibly one of the first ever pieces of art I felt happy with, the uneasy hapiness of the artistic temperament.

Unfortunately I accidentally knocked a water container over it  and the painting now resides in a blurry condition in one of my art drawers.

You can't be too precious about things though and luckily I'd scanned it into my computer before disaster struck.


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