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Sarah Thornton Art

Hannah By The Sea

Hannah By The Sea

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" If you're fond of sandcastles and salty air, quaint little villages here and there".........

It's impossible to think of this art commision without this tune coming into my head as it resides by the sea on the south coast.

My customer Hannah wanted something that reflected her love for the sea and she wanted a limited palette with tones  of silver and the gold of sand. We looked at the sea and seaweed, the hues of green to blue and grey and felt that that was the way to go. All the moods from happy turquoise to sombre inky depths.....

When the very talented DJ Michael Gray got in touch and said he'd love to have a hand-finished copy of this one it was only right to contact Hannah to ask how she would feel about me doing a very limited edition print run.

Luckily she said yes and we agreed that her Disco ball would be for ever known as Hannah By The Sea.

There will be ten 24in Fine Art, hand finished prints, luxuriously finished with gold and silver leaf and copper and pale gold ore, water colour elements, ink and pastel details will make this short run collection extra special.

Each one will be signed and numbered.

The art is unframed. The first framed photo is the original with besoke frame by my Leeds based framers.

The other photos and video are of the first edition print .

Forgive my ancient worn out Uggs it was deepest winter in the studio when I filmed the art.......Not very DiscoballDiva. Lol.

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